Unit price on Item card

Unit Price=This is the sales price of the item excluding VAT.

Is there some report which I can use to show all items with the "Price including VAT" ?

my guess is this is depending on a customer too. So is there some code to calculate this easily..


  • Wisa123Wisa123 Member Posts: 308
    The thing is, you can also set prices for specific customers / customer price groups per item. This way this gets pretty messy.

    Possible? Of course.
    Standard? I really don't think that theres a report, but im glad if you can prove me wrong.
    Austrian NAV/BC Dev
  • mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Member Posts: 802
    I was picturing a report in which you set a "default" customer and with it it creates a list.

    Im happy to create this report and share but need some help with which function to use.

    I was thinking about creating a temp salesheader with a temp salesline, and per line validate the item no.

    Don't want to invent the wheel so anybody?
  • mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Member Posts: 802
    Bump :)
  • KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
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    Have a look at report 715 "Price List" - although this doesn't show vat inclusive prices this is a good starting point for your new report.
  • mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Member Posts: 802
    Have a fob of this object?
  • KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    What version of NAV?
  • mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Member Posts: 802
    NAV 2009
  • KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    I tried pasting the object text here but it was too large and tried attaching a file but it wouldn't let.

    Have a look in a CRONUS database - you should find it in there.
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