Dynamic Column Nav 2013 R2

LambaLamba Member Posts: 260
Is it possible to get the dynamic columns, means if the data is present in the table,the column must print else not.
For eg:
if we filter data on the basis of some start date (01/01/2013) and end date (31/12/2016) from a table:
Then only for those columns data must show in preview, for which the data is present in table, i.e; if for only data is present for
OCt 2013,Nav 2014 and Jan 2016 data is present, then only 3 columns must appear.


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    andrewtandrewt Member Posts: 73
    As an initial approach I would going to start with using an array for the columns where each array element represents one column, fill the array content dynamically prior to the report output (e.g. on PreReport trigger) and finally use one array element per column for the report output.
    There might be an issue regarding the array length as this seems to depend on your date filter in your case. You may not be able to limit this to a maximum of what can be printed based on your document width.

    Andrew T.
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