Debt Collection for CRM

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Collections Management System Specifications

We are looking for a system with automation
1. Work Allocation
Supervisor should be able to see all accounts in arrears in a ‘’bucket’’ and should be able to systematically allocate or queue such account to collectors in a way that she wants the collectors to work on then any day e.g.
a. According to debt age
b. Or amounts in arrears
c. Or promised to pay not honoured
d. Or per sector or branch

2. Accounts queued
a. Accounts queued to collectors should come out automatically one after the other without manually inputting of account numbers in the system
b. Collectors should be able to systematically postpone working on accounts to a later time / date and that account should come up automatically when the time that it has been postponed to comes
c. At any given point in time the supervisor must be able to see how many accounts collectors have done individually and collectively

3. System Updates
a. A collector working on an account should be able to record communication with client and update client information where appropriate e.g. contact details
b. Anyone accessing an account should be able to see if an account was worked on and be able to appraise themselves with the information built up on the system notes / communication before they can make another call (at the moment its possible for a client to be contacted by more than one collector since there is no trail that the account was contacted or worked on)
c. System should allow changing of account status to trace in cases clients are no longer contactable at the contacts that are given

4. Reporting
a. The system should be able to show at any point in time how many each collector has worked on
b. The system should be able to report the number and amounts of promises to pay, be it daily, weekly and monthly per CSC and / or per collector
c. The system should be able to show unfulfilled promises to pay per CSC , per Collector
d. Give a trace report
e. System should be able to report accounts that have never been worked on
These requirement are needed in Collections for effective management of a Collections Unit day to day activities. It would ease staff management and portfolio management. In collections contacting many clients is viewed as a better way to bring results, at the moment the supervisor cannot see if people are working or not.
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