Developing Outside of NAV ... You think it will be needed?!

ShpetimShpetim Member Posts: 4
Hi guys, im currently working in a Insurance Company and im currently developing a Tool in C# which works outside of NAV (since im new to NAV and still getting used to it) and will includes features like:
  • Choosing Company
  • Changing Clients on Posted Documents
  • Changing Vendor on Posted Documents
  • Changing Posting Dates and Document Dates on Posted Documents
  • Changing/Editing Descriptions
  • Removing/Deleting Posted Documents (unposting)

I read removing/deleting posted documents its forbidden but they asked me for it :neutral: .

I dont know if this is allowed but it is required in the company i am working for.

Do you guys think this will be in need because i am thinking to make it as an app.

If you think this idea is worth please don`t hesitate to list any features you think it would be great to add.

I will soon post screenshots in this regard.


  • jglathejglathe Member Posts: 639
    Hi Shpetim,

    this doesn't sound like a good idea, really. Except for changing / editing descriptions (in some cases) and choosing a company, this can wreak havoc on the consistency of NAV. Every posted document has ledger entries behind it, how they are generated (posted) depends on the setup of the client / vendor. For an accounting system like NAV you need to follow the rules of accounting... changing a client or vendor, a posting date, and deleting a document (with or without deleting the ledger entries behind it, except for the special "allowed" case of deleting printed document) breaks the consistency of your ledgers. So... bad idea, don't do this.

    with best regards

  • BeliasBelias Member Posts: 2,998
    It is usually a bad idea to do it in nav (through processes or manually), and doing it OUTSIDE nav is even a worse idea.
    Just think about all the tables linked to the document like the ones listed by jglathe, add localized tables on top of it (different for every country)...not to mention add-ons and personalizations that are changing from customer to customer.
    Moreover, in some (every?) country it's not legal.
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  • aseigleaseigle Member Posts: 207
    While I agree with everything that the 2 replies said, I understand the need for what you are trying to do.

    Instead of changing the customer or vendor (or dates) on a posted document, you really should post a credit memo, then copy the original document and change the customer/vendor/dates (following all the NAV business logic) and then post the new invoice. Obviously it isn't 100%, as the document number can't be the same, but you could append a letter to the end or something to make it unique.
  • ShpetimShpetim Member Posts: 4
    Thank you guys for your suggestions ... I used those to argue to my managers that it should not be sone in this way...

    I really appreciate it
  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Member Posts: 1,139
    HEy Shpetim,

    Just one thing I want to add changing anything on a Posted Document means you are violating legal ERP law which you should never do hardly matters either it's a NAV ERP or some other ERP'S.

    Checkout this Thread too.
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