NAV 2016 on Azure SQL

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We have been hosting NAV 2015 database on AZURE on G1 server in EAST 2 Region. NAV Service was setup on the same server - system was working quite fast.

We did technical upgraded to NAV 2016 and setup database on AZURE SQL in East 2 region. Nav Service Running on D2V2 server. We have tried different Azure SQL levels. S0 - 6-7 times slower then our old environment, S1,S2 - about 4 times slower... P1 - 3 times slower.

We tried the same set of transaction on old and new environment and measured speed on second run to avoid cashing delays. The performance on S1 tear is OK but still wander - is this normal. Should it be 3-4 time slower or we can improve.

Can i measure latency between our NAV Server and SQL - i assume that this is the problem or processor speed G1 vs D2 server. Can anybody help to find bottleneck?
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    mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Member Posts: 802
    I have been looking for some kind of NAV test object? A simple load test with a speed result.

    After an upgrade to 2016 we noticed a slow down too. Customer didn't have major problems so didn't need to investigate further.
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    Ian_BachusIan_Bachus Member Posts: 21
    Hello, where you able to resolve this issue? We are running NAV 2016 CU3 in Azure SQL with the service tier on a VM in Azure as well and are seeing pretty much the exact results you've described at same pricing tier levels you mentioned. We've tried bumping up the Azure SQL pricing tier levels to check performance but it starts to get expensive fast but our results are similar to yours. Our service tier machine is a D11_V2. Could this be related to the NAV build we are on (2016 CU3)? Thank you in advance!!
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