1099 Printing Strange Information

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Hi All,

This is my first time trying to print 1099s. I have a vendor that only had two payments in 2015. This vendor is not marked as 1099.

When clicking Vendor Statistics, there are not 1099 amounts, which is correct.

However, when printing the Vendor 1099 information and the 1099-MISC, some strange amounts are showing. I have no idea where the amounts are coming from.

Reviewing the vendor ledger entries (there were only two), there was no 1099 Box and the 1099 liable was unchecked. I have no idea where these amounts are coming from. Further, the amounts are spread across three different boxes.

Could I possibly be printing the wrong report? Is there a 1099 report selection anywhere?

This is on NAV2013 R2




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    We are seeing the same thing - I have taken the 1099 Misc (REP 10112) and the Application Mgmt codeunit (COD 10202) up to CU 14 without effect. Not being able to review the Knowledge Base is hindering the effort obviously. If I find a version that works, or identify a fix, I'll post it here.
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    It appears that the Report was modified in CU 33. However, a number of other changes to the Vendor were made at that time making it difficult to just drop the objects into place. The issue is in COD 10202, but I have not yet isolated it. I hope this helps.
  • beboelkebeboelke Member Posts: 19
    I replaced COD 10202 with one from CU 46 and it resolved the problem
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