Issue with multiply selected reports

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Working on a report where some fields have a 'Eksternal Doc No.'

If i select 3 reports where 1 of them got a 'Eksternal Doc No' and the 2 others have empty fields and press print.

The report will make a pdf with all 3 reports included, but will write the eksternal doc no on all of them even trough they dont have a eksternal doc no.
=First(Fields!EksternalDocumentNo_SalesInvoiceHeader.Value, "DataSet_Result")

I know this takes the first, so ofc this is the problem, but how do you do it the right way?

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    HornsyldHornsyld Member Posts: 6
    Hi Postsaurav,

    That is correct - its a custom report and a part of the Page header.

    So you are saying that the right way is to use Code.GetData() ?
    In that case - How do find out which dataset and a position i have to use to get the EksternalDocumentNo_SalesInvoiceHeader?
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    HornsyldHornsyld Member Posts: 6
    I found a good video for this.
    Thanks for the help.
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