NAV 2016 - Upgrade toolkit

SteveKnottSteveKnott Member Posts: 47

Anyone else upgrading from 2013 R2 -> 2016 come across errors running the upgrade data portion - where Approvals Management is in use.

I have narrowed it down to this function that is failing.. The function is getting called with table ID 38 - I looked in Cronus - but there is no data in the posted approval entry table.. or comment line - both of which I have data for.

Table 38's key is Doc Type, Doc No = as are most of the document tables - so I dont see how this code can work ?

Anyone got any thoughts ? I am going to re-work the function... but seems strange that its still like this - even in CU3 - unless i am missing something ?

LOCAL GetPostedRecordID(TableID : Integer;DocumentNo : Code[20];VAR PostedRecordID : RecordID)
KeyRef := RecRef.KEYINDEX(1);
FieldRef := KeyRef.FIELDINDEX(1);
PostedRecordID := RecRef.RECORDID;
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