Why does showing the Automation Server table require RunAs Administrator?

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(NAV2009R2 build 35179, Classic, SQL)

We have solution running at multiple sites without any issues, but now one of the sites changed the security settings for their Citrix Servers. This caused the following code to fail:
AutomationServers.SETRANGE(GUID,'{3B311C81-140E-11D5-8B18-00D0590B4EC5}'); // 'Navision Timer 1.0'.Timer
IF AutomationServers.FIND('-') THEN ...

If I use RunAsAdministrator for FINSQL, then it works fine.

The code doesn't actually fail, but it hangs and uses 100% of one of the cpu cores.
The same thing happens, if I try to Design an object which uses Automation Servers. (I guess it internally uses the AutomationServer tabel to convert the GUID to a name)
The same thing happens, if I create a form on the Automation Server table. It hangs as soon as I click next, where I expect it to show the list of fields I can add to the form.

Does anyone have an idea which setting to change back, to ensure this doesn't happen?

I have compared the output from "gpresult /Scope User /v" and "gpresult /Scope Computer /v" between a Citrix server with the new settings and one with the old settings, but there are way to many changes to take them one by one. I fear they just applied some best practice GPO file they found somewhere :-(

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    Thank you for your suggestion - that might be a solution, but we ended up re-writing the code. Now it doesn't check if the Automation is installed, but simply use it.
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