CRM and NAV 2016 native integration error

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Hi guys,

I am testing NAV 2016 and CRM (on-premise) native integration.
When I press "Test Connection" in the "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connection Setup" I get this error:

"The connection setup cannot be validated. Verify the settings and try again. Detail error: Access is denied.."

The user is already created in domain and is configured as "Integration Administrator" and "System Administrator" in the CRM system.

Do I am missing something else?

Thanks in advance


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    gunakgunak Member Posts: 1
    I also getting same error ( On premise CRM)
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    eimsiseimsis Member Posts: 1

    I am facing the same error, were you able to resolve this issue?
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    stefan@mrosh.destefan@mrosh.de Member Posts: 1
    we were giving NAV 2016 CRM integration a try and stumbled over this very same error.

    After a day and a half we almost accidentally found the solution and I would like to share it with you:

    Ok, so before you click "Test Connection" you have to enter the Dynamics CRM URL.

    Originally I entered the same URL I would enter when using CRM in a browser, like this:

    If you do that, you get a yes/no-dialogue-window:

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    The URL you entered cannot be used as is. Do you want to replace it by the suggested version below?

    Entered URL: "https://myserver.mydomain.com/myorganization".
    Suggested URL: "https://myserver.mydomain.com".
    No Yes

    Naturally I clicked "Yes". Which is followed by the above "Access is denied"-error-message.

    When we were retracing our steps at one point we clicked "No" for no good reason. And it worked immediately with the orginal URL.

    Conclusion: Don't use the URL suggested by NAV.

    This was definitely the most stupid cause for an error I encountered in a very very long time. >:)

    I hope this saves others some time if they encounter this problem. :)
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