No. Series Automatic Generation


I am facing a problem, when i open any old PO and press F3 on No. field, it is not picking up the next no. series. It is showing an error:
"It is not possible to assign numbers automatically. If you want to assign the nos automatically, please activate Default Nos in No Series D"

There are 4 No. series when i look up the No. field.
1. A
2. B.
3. C.
4. D.

I am pressing F3 on any No. series, it is showing the same error referring the D No. Series. I need to autoincrement the B No. series, then system must do it, as Default Nos, is already Yes for it.


  • LambaLamba Posts: 260Member
    Got it,
    The D No. Series was of no use, hence removed it. Now it is working smooth :)
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