SOAP webservices and Services Language

PhennoPhenno Posts: 630Member
Does anyone has an idea what could be wrong in setup NAV 2015 where I have
- "Services Language" set to my local language,
- ServicesCultureDefaultUserPersonalization is set to False,
- my local language is installed on service tier,

and when I send SOAP request I receive answer in mixed language: system text is in english, field captions are in local language?

For example, if I try to get non-existing item I receive error "The field Br. artikla of table Redak prijenosa contains a value (TEST) that cannot be found in the related table (Artikl)."

In italic are field captions in local language, which is obviously working properly.

Sometimes I see this situation in RTC when user language is set to local language but application translation is not installed on that computer so user gets captions and labels translated but system messages not.

I reinstalled local translation (for service), restarted services, tried different combinations of setttings (including ServicesCultureDefaultUserPersonalization set to True) with no success.

It looks to me like, for some reason, NAV instance for webservice does not load local language dlls...
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