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Sergey_R.Sergey_R. Member Posts: 6
Hi all!I need to format variable from CODE to TEXT and pass it to the external program via
.I use string
=FORMAT(ae."Cross-Reference No.")
,taking from help:"default format code to text",but in vain..What i supposed to do with this?How to format code to text properly?


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    Sergey_R.Sergey_R. Member Posts: 6
    Nobody nows an answer?
    I do need help in this field..Cause I've tried everything.. ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)
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    EvertPrinsEvertPrins Member Posts: 6
    Why should you convert it?
    A Code and a text variable are almost treated the same in Navision.
    The only difference is that a code field is always in uppercase.

    You can 'convert' a text to code and vica versa without a Navision function


    TextVariable := CodeVariable


    CodeVariable := TextVariable

    Or in your case something like this:

    SHELL(STRSUBSTNO('%1',ae."Cross-Reference No."));
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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Out of my office for two days... :-)

    You are using FORMAT coprrectly... there must be error somewhere else...

    text := FORMAT(code); is correct....

    PLease, send part o the code or more info...
    Kamil Sacek
    MVP - Dynamics NAV
    My BLOG
    NAVERTICA a.s.
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    Sergey_R.Sergey_R. Member Posts: 6
    I've got it!
    I've solved my problem.I should read more FAQ's and manuals and I did so.Anyway,thnx for help!
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