Altering the Collation of NAV SQL-Database not working - NAV 2015

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Hey guys,

after successfully upgrading our solution from 2009R to 2015 i've run into a problem with the sorting of fields.

Sorting in 2009R2
  • AL-PHA
  • BE-TA
  • BETA
Sorting in 2015
  • AL-PHA
  • BETA
  • BE-TA

I've already changed the collation of the databse using the msdn Altering Databases - Collation Tab Guide to change the defaults datbase collation, but all columns in all tables kept the wrong sorting. Before upgrade the property was "<Default Database>", after the upgrade each column has a specific value instead of the default one.

Any ideas how to fix that to keep the old sorting from 2009R2?


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    Save as a ps1-file
    Open in Powershell ISE

    # How to change collation on a NAV2015+ database (Nav2013R2?)
    # Christer Berntsson, Stockholm, Sweden
    # 2015-07-23 / 2015-08-10 / 2016-04-05

    # A1 Run RTC-Client with super-rights in the corrupt database.
    # A2 Run "Export to a datafile", select ALL content, save to c:\temp\Nav2015_DataFromCoruptDatabase.navdata
    # A3 Remember company names

    # B1 Run DEV-Client (-Run as Administrator)
    # B2 Export all objects to a "super-fob"

    # C1 Run a new DEV-Client -Run as Administrator
    # C2 Create a new NAV-database -select right collation

    # D1 Create a new NST and connect to the new database
    (I always us ServiceTierAdministarot from Tegos and port-sharing)
    # D2 Sync objects ?
    # D3 Run "build Server objects" ?
    # D4 Import the "super-fob" - with force
    # D5 Compile

    # E1 Start powershell ISE -Run as Administrator
    # E2 Import data into the new empty database...
    # E3 Run: Import-NAVData -ServerInstance Nav2015_TheNewInstance -FilePath C:\TEMP\Nav2015_DataFromCoruptDatabase.navdata -IncludeApplicationData -CompanyName "Company no 1" ## CRONUS Sverige AB
    # E4 Sync objects ?
    # E5 Run "build Server objects" ?
    # E6 Import other companies: Import-NAVData -ServerInstance Nav2015_TheNewInstance -FilePath C:\TEMP\Nav2015_DataFromCoruptDatabase.navdata -CompanyName "Company no 2"
    # E7 Import other companies: Import-NAVData -ServerInstance Nav2015_TheNewInstance -FilePath C:\TEMP\Nav2015_DataFromCoruptDatabase.navdata -CompanyName "Company no 3"
    Christer in Stockholm, Sweden
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