Missing Fields in Find engine of the Posted Sales Document Lines

OMMOMM Member Posts: 17
Hi All,

Scenario as below:
1- user accidentally removed the page Get Post.Doc - S.InvLn Subform (5852) from Sales Credit Memo > Get Posted Document Lines to Reverse.
2- Resolved by delete the user personalisation
3- but now, another issue arise - the Find feature is now only show for "Line Discount %", but not all the fields available from the column.

This "missing Find field" only apply to the Document Type (which is Posted Sales Invoice) that user has accidentally removed previously and restored back. I failed to replicate this in my environment.

I have also tried the "Restore Defaults" from Choose Column, but still the same.

I attached the image for this.

Can you give me some pointer, please?

Many thanks in advance.



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