Fixed Filetype Dataport issue


when i try to import txt file contains "R12000025918905708201" using fixed filetype dataport. startpos includes quote. i need to ignore the starting and ending quotes. i know that i can do this using variable type dataport, but i need to use it in fixed type dataport. pls help.

thank you,

N.Shyam Kumar


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    Wisa123Wisa123 Member Posts: 308
    Just configure your Start/Endpos to read the whole thing and delete the quotes before Inserting.
    You cant "ignore" them like you could with aVariable Type DP.
    Austrian NAV/BC Dev
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    shyamraooshyamraoo Member Posts: 38
    Wisa thank you, can you give some sample code. some of the lines contains quotes but not all the lines. so we need to ignore those lines which starts with quotes. do we have any function to change the startpos of dataport dynamically

    N.Shyam Kumar
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