MBS Nav 2016: Converted database from 4.0 SP3 character encoding in field values

ArhontisArhontis Member Posts: 667
Hello all,

After a really long time, and after searching alot, I decided to directly ask here about a problem I encountered:

I have converted a database from 4.0 SP3 -> 2009 R2 -> 2013 -> 2016 and in a field of a custom table there where greek characters.
But in 2016 the characters have been converted:



The from values are actually ΙΤΑΛΙΑ and ΙΡΛΑΝΔΙΑ (Italia and Ireland respectively).

Any ideas why has this happened and how can I get the texts back to its original form-encoding?

Btw, If I write greek in the value of that same field, I can see them normally, so it is not a permanent problem on the client or the database.

And I haven't kept the intermediate databases to find at which step it happened.

Thank you in advance,


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    ArhontisArhontis Member Posts: 667
    I think I have some more feedback... I redone the conversion from the beginning and I found out that the data in the starting and the ending database (SQL Server) are the same.

    The problem is that Nav 2016 thinks that the data are in Windows Ansi and doesn't convert them on the client to show the correct values as in 2009.

    But the data in the database are in their initial form (ibm737) and need to be converted to windows ansi so that the new client (2016) can show them as they are.

    Anyone have any ideas/directions on converting ibm737 (Greek DOS) to Windows Ansi encoding in SQL Server?

    Thanks in advance...
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