NAV remittance and bank account

We have a customer who want's to pay to foreign countries using the remittance (norwegian). And in order to do so, there are a lot of things to set up, Among all these things, you have to set up bank accounts in NAV.

Our customer have just one bankaccount in their bank, even though they pay to different countries. And they want to use just one bank account in NAV (CRONUS Norge AS/Departments/Financial Management/Cash Management/Bank Accounts). According to NAV, you have to have one bank account for every currency.

Has anyone tried to work around this, and how was it done? And appr. how many hours was put in this work?

Thanks in advance, Siri


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    eyolfthoeyolftho Member Posts: 18
    we have tried this, but TelePay remittance does not, as far as I know, support IBAN account numbers. Remittance in foreign currencies should work, but only to norwegian accounts
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    VerndroidVerndroid Member Posts: 18
    Standard NAV does not say that you need one bank account for every currency in which you want to pay. You just have to NOT fill in the Currency Code on your Bank Account. Meaning that your bank account is handled in the LCY-currency (NOK I suppose).

    If you create a bank account and leave "currency code" blank you will be able to use this account for all currencies.
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