Filtering on Dimension Values using Security Filters(2015 CU 9)

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Hi All,

scenario:User A want to see Dimension value "AAA" , User B want to see Dimension value "BBB".
So i have created 2 different permission set and i have applied Security filters for "Shortcut Dimension 1 Code" field Sales Header and Sales Line Table .Then i have created Sales Quote and while i am going to choose "Shortcut Dimension 1 Code" in sales quote
I am getting this Error like "
A Security filter has been applied to sales header.You Cannot Access records that are outside of this filter.
Please advise how to filter Dimension Values using Security Filters. :'(:'(


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    Rob_HansenRob_Hansen Member Posts: 296
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    Using security filters can be a very tedious setup and you'll hit issues like this. We provide an add-on for NAV called DimensionPath (dynamicspath.com/products/dimensionpath/) that provides tools to easily manage this setup and address the issue you're hitting here.

    To handle this manually, you need to look at defaulting the dimension value onto the record. i.e. if user A is creating a sales quote, you need to default shortcut dimension 1 code to "AAA". You can look at using responsibility centers if you have the extended pack, or you can look at customizations. Or, consider DimensionPath as it has setups for each user to make this nice and easy...it automatically generates the corresponding permission sets and assigns them to the users, along with populating the default dimension value onto records.
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