job queue and file management issues

txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 492

You may say there is no way to do it. In my process I need to move a file to another location but seems like this cannot be done with job queue:

I have tried dotnet and automation variables, just in case.
Any ideas?



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    ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,256
    I have written a lot of code that is run with Jobqueue that moves files around. You have to keep in mind that the user running the middle tier needs to have permission to the folder.
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    VerndroidVerndroid Member Posts: 18
    Check the function "MoveAndRenameClientFile" in codeunit 419 on NAV 2016.
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    txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 492
    edited 2015-11-24
    but Im on nav 2015. Anyway I checked and I think it wont work neither, it is a dotnet variable too:

    CopyClientFile(SourceFileName : Text;DestFileName : Text;OverWrite : Boolean)

    and reading this:


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    VerndroidVerndroid Member Posts: 18
    Isn't the problem that those dotnet variables are run on client? Isn't it possible to create your own function to move file on server and have the dotnet variables run on the server instead of the client ?
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