To save a file in a folder with a different user


We are currently using Nav 5.0. We have a requirement where we need to save a file generated by NAV in a folder that is not accessible by the user (Read Only) running the report. Is there a way we can force the report to run as a different use that has access on this folder? The reason is so that the person generating the file cannot change the file once its generated.

Vishy S

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    VerndroidVerndroid Member Posts: 18
    Cant' really test this. But couldn't you just remove the users "Reading" permission from the folder ?
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    pjotresztickpjotresztick Member Posts: 8
    How do you export the file from NAV?

    Is it possible to let a NAS do the export? In that case you can supply the NAS user with the needed permissions on the file system. This makes it unnecessary for the user to have permissions on the folder at all.
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