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MathesMathes Member Posts: 21
Dear all,

is there anywhere a Freeware Client add in for NAV 2013 available which has the possibility to drag and drop files from the files System and from Outlook Mails to a nav Page?




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    SeeSharpSeeSharp Member Posts: 19
    edited 2015-11-10
    @Vjeko wrote a blogpost on this a while back. Should do the bulk of what you want and you've a point of reference if you want to enhance its functionality further.
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    evandeveerdonkevandeveerdonk Member Posts: 49
    Hi Mathes,

    not really free, but we have made some nifty solutions to import e-mails from Outlook into NAV where the contacts or jobs are found automatically based on a reference in the subject.
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    DuikmeesterDuikmeester Member Posts: 304
    I also recently made a drag-drop component that can be used generally including drag-drop mail. Currently is implemented as drag-drop interaction log entries.
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