Selling Extended Warranties with Service Items - How to change length automatically?

So as we're aware, each item in NAV can only have a single item tracking code, and therefore a single 'default' warranty length for service items that are auto-created at posting.

So how do people generally deal with selling extended warranties?

Obviously we can go into each service item individually but if you happened to have 50 such items on your sales order line then this soon becomes tedious.

I can think of a couple of 'hacks' which might make this easier, but wondered if anyone knew of a more comprehensive solution?

Hack #1 - Ability to 'live edit' the warranty end-date column in service item overview grid.
Hack #2 - Ability to bulk edit service items via mult-select

Many Thanks in anticipation


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    whizzergowhizzergo Member Posts: 22
    Good Evening All,

    Would anyone happen to have an idea how to overcome this?
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