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Hi All

I have an issue at a customer installation (Nav2013R2 CU7). We are using the subcontracting worksheet to create purchase orders for our subconctracting operations.
These purchaseorders are marked as finished, and afterwards recieved - but not invoiced.
In Codeunit 22 the purchase reciept line gets the capacity ledger entry marked in "Item Rcpt. Entry No." (field 39 in table 121).
// Entry no. is returned to shipment/receipt
IF Subcontracting THEN
"Item Shpt. Entry No." := CapLedgEntryNo
"Item Shpt. Entry No." := GlobalItemLedgEntry."Entry No.";

For invoicing the customer is creating a purchase invoice and copies the shipmentlines to the purchase invoice and copies the lines from the shipment.
But when they try to invoice this purchase invoice we get this error message.

What i can gather is that Codeunit 90 uses the field "Item Rcpt. Entry No." to lookup an Item Ledger Entry with the capacity ledger entry number.
Have any of you seen this error before? Could it be a setup error or functionality gap?

Best Regards
Søren Hinrup
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