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poppinspoppins Member Posts: 647
Hi everyone,
I have a custom list page where I wanted my record to be sorted descending: I applied the following in the SourecTableView Property:
SORTING(Insert Date) ORDER(Descending) (Insert Date is a datetime field and it is not the primary key).
The thing is that when I open the page, I get the focus on the bottom of it, not in the beginning...
How can I fix that?


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    joshuasungjoshuasung Member Posts: 37
    Findfirst on open trigger? If i understood your question correctly
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    JDVyskaJDVyska Member Posts: 179
    Joshua has it. One of our customers wanted that for a variety of pages. You do the sort part you did, then in OnOpenPage trigger, add:

    (Note: Always IF wrapper that one, or you'll be in for a nasty surprise if the table is blank)
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