Non-Pegged Receipt

We are looking at purchase receipts in Item Ledger Entries and for a particular item we see Qty 354, Invoiced 354, Remaining 175, and shows open. The question was asked how can there be a remaining qty and open when it has been fully invoiced. After poking around we find a non-pegged receipt for 175. Does anyone know what this non-pegged receipt is and how it gets created. We have more items like this. Checked in the NAV help, but of course there is nothing there. Can someone shed some light on this for us.

We are on NAV2009 R2



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    joshuasungjoshuasung Member Posts: 37
    Remaining means applied from outbound inventory activity.
    So you bought 354, (354 - 175) was sold or consumed.. 175 left.
    Joshua H Sung

    Sr. Project Manager
    S-Metric, LLC
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    midnightmidnight Member Posts: 74
    Thanks Joshua, we'll look into it.
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