Load Testing in Visual Studio

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Hey Guys,

right now i'm playing around with the Load Testting Tool in Visual Studio.

You can get the repository from here:

The given examples and all exisitng video Tutorials about this Topic show how to enter new Record in Card Pages (also with related Sub Pages) but i could not find anything which shows you how to insert a new record in a List Page like the Number Series for instance.

My Scenario is the following:
I want to create a new Load Test Number Series including a Number Series Line.

Thats my current code: (It runs but its not creating the record)

        public void InitializeNoSeries()
            TestScenario.Run(OrderProcessorUserContextManager, TestContext, CreateLoadTestNumberSeries);            

        public void CreateLoadTestNumberSeries(UserContext userContext)
            TestScenario.RunPageAction(TestContext, userContext, NumberSeriesListPageId, 
                                form =>
                                    var newNumberSeriesListPage = form.Repeater();
                                    //Create No. Series
                                    TestScenario.SaveValueWithDelay(newNumberSeriesListPage.Control("Code"), "LOADTEST");

                                    TestScenario.SaveValueWithDelay(newNumberSeriesListPage.Control("Description"), "General No.Series for all LoadTest Data");                                    

                                    //Create No. Series Lines
                                    //var newNumberSeriesLinesPage = newNumberSeriesListPage.Action("Lines").InvokeCatchForm();
                                    //TestScenario.SaveValueWithDelay(newNumberSeriesLinesPage.Control("Starting No."), "LT001_");

                                    //Save Values and write to Test Console
                                    //TestContext.WriteLine("Created No. Series Code {0}", "LOADTEST");
                                    //TestContext.WriteLine("Created No. Series Lines Starting No. {0}", "LT001_");

                                    //Close both Pages
                                    //TestScenario.ClosePage(TestContext, userContext, newNumberSeriesLinesPage);
                                    //TestScenario.ClosePage(TestContext, userContext, newNumberSeriesListPage);

As im not really familiar with c# I hope that you can help me and give me some nice tipps.

Our long Term perspective is to create a bunch of common scenarios which represent a realsitic workload for our system and run performance tests constantly before any relase. To have valid Data its important to have consitent scenarios.
--> I mean something like this:
One user is creating new Vendors, another one is taking one out these Vendors and creates a Purchase Order with Items a third person just creates in that test.

Does someone have experience with this kind of tests?

Thank you,


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