Where do I find my pages and forms in sql?

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Hi folks,
I searched a while maybe I not long enough.
I would like to find in the sql database (nav2015), the whereabouts of my pages. I am really new to sql, so I have no idea how to do that. I want to search for a trigger in pages in the c/al code.
A programmer told me it would be possible to access it on the database-level, but I can't find whereabouts. Maybe some one can tell me where in the database to find it.

Or explain me why I seem to be unable to find the pages.
I use a sql management studio 2014.

This is some sqlrequest I got from the internet

select 'select distinct ''found in table ' 
 + [TABLE_NAME] + ' column ' 
 + [COLUMN_NAME] + ' '' from ' + [TABLE_NAME] 
 + ' where ' + [COLUMN_NAME] + ' like ''%searchedterm%'' union all ' 
 where [DATA_TYPE] in ('varchar','text')
 order by 1  

... always gives me same 119 records back. I honestly need help.

Thank you so much in advance and if I am wrong here, dear admin please put me in place :). Sorry for my bad english.


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    matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    This would be some complex SQL and if you're new to SQL it's not where you should be starting. There really should never be a reason to do what you're attempting. What is the business need that you're trying to solve?
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    AndiAndi Member Posts: 2
    I would suggest you export all objects from the NAV development environment as text files and query them "by hand" - meaning you use the search function of your favorite text editor. Alternatively there are tools available for dependency analysis - i.e. Statical Prism.

    Background: On the SQL database level, the NAV application code is stored as blob in a table called Object. By design, this data can only be decoded and changed by the NAV development environment (and runtime). There are ways to convert and save the code as Varchar. In most cases though it is probably not worth the effort and you'll be fine in using one of the solutions mentioned.
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    SESTSEST Member Posts: 2
    Hi thanks for the replies.
    @matttrax I try to find out something about the usage of our NAV. Thing is I can't write into the objects of 3rd time parties, so I try to find a way to modify these objects. I thought, maybe I can code into them in the BLOB.
    @Andi I exported those files, there is again the license problem.

    I am very sorry it took me so long to answer. Due to a lot of workload I was unable to reply.

    Basicly the idea is to see if we use all tables and pages in NAV, since we want to do some basic new stuff, but are looking for possibilities to do that without licensing more objects. and that would be great if we also could see that for our bought modules.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Member Posts: 1,690
    Interesting thought - modifying NAV by updating tables structure at SQL level and modifying metadata in Object table, if I got your idea right.

    If that is what you are trying to achieve I really think it will be much easier, quicker and indeed cheaper in long term to talk to your NAV partner if you want to add some custom solution to your NAV installation
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