integration nav with office 365

najinaji Member Posts: 2
hello, i am trying to do an integration between nav 2015 ( on azure account ) and the office 365
i got the VM on azure account and all necessary components.
after importing NAVOffice365Administration module,
i try to run the script: Set-NavSingleSignOnWithOffice365 -NavServerInstance “ServerInstanceName” -NavWebServerInstanceName “WebServerInstanceName” -NavUser “YourNavUser” -AuthenticationEmail “YourOffice365Email” -NavServerCertificateThumbprint “SecurityCertificateThumbprint” with replacing the necessary brackets.
but it give powershell error: hexadecimal value 0x3c is an invalid attribute character
i did some adjustments to Set-NavSingleSignOnWithOffice365 by replacing < > & by &lt &gt &amp but the problem isn't solved it!
please any help?
thank you in advance
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