Adding Serial No. to assemble-to-order BoM item issue

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In testing a warranty/service item creation workflow, I’m struggled to overcome the following error message when trying to add a serial number item tracking line to an ATO BoM item (with the BoM customised from the Sales Order line):

"You cannot state Serial No. or Lot No. on a demand when it is linked to a supply by Binding = Order-to-Order."

The BoM item in question is setup with the Item Tracking Code: Free Entry
Outbound: SN Sales Tracking

My understanding is that this message relates to the reservation in place between the sales order and assembly order lines. However there is no item tracking on any of the component (Assembly order line) items.

My over-riding concern is that this will prevent us from adding serial numbers to ATO BoM items. However this doesn’t seem at all logical and I can only assume it's a simple setup issue here.


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    whizzergowhizzergo Member Posts: 22
    Someone be a hero :)

    The crux of this question is: Can you require outbound only serial number tracking for assemble to order items?

    NAV's error messages seem to suggest not.

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    graveczgravecz Member Posts: 35
    I think it will be problem in your customization.

    You probably create Reservation entries without using standard function CreateReservation - and this could be problem.
    If you have "Binding = Order-to-Order" on reservation entry it means that Lot No./Serial no. will be automatically assigned to Sales Order (or TO) into Item Tracking Lines + on Res. entry you ll automatically see produced/assembled Lot No./Serial No.

    Maybe I don't fully understand you, but You should focus on "Binding = Order-to-Order". Try to change it to None, it might could help.
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    whizzergowhizzergo Member Posts: 22
    I have also tried this on a clean NAV database with the same result.

    What I am trying to achieve is simple...

    To add serial number tracking to outbound assemble-to-order items.

    It seems that all assemble-to-order items are linked by 'binding = order to order' and therefore it is not possible to do this.

    To demo our purpose: We build computers. We give each finished computer an asset tag when it is assembled. Therefore we have no item tracking at any point except for the finished, outbound assembly item.

    Is it possible?

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    aseigleaseigle Member Posts: 207
    I believe I had the same issue you were describing and couldn't believe there was no solution. I posed the question on a MS forum and got an answer. Let me know if this helps:

    Here was my post:

    I'm trying to create a serialized item that is made from an assembly, but it doesn't seem to allow me to assign a serial no. prior to sale.

    I have an item card that is set up as an Assembly BOM. In the Assembly are 2 serialized items. When I place the Assembly Item on the Sales Order, it creates an Assembly order. I can then go to the Assembly order, assign the Serial Nos. and then release. From the Sales Order, I now want to assign a serial no. to the newly assembled item (a combination of the 2 serialized items). When I try to assign a Serial No., I get this error:

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    One or more errors occurred while closing the page.

    You cannot state Serial No. or Lot No. on a demand when it is linked to a supply by Binding = Order-to-Order.

    When I try to post without assigning a Serial No. I get an error saying "Serial No. is required for Item...."

    At this point I can't tell if the issue is with my Item Tracking Code (although it isn't setup that it must exist), or if this is a limitation with Assemblies, or some other setup issue.

    Here was the reply:
    When completing a Sales Order and assigning a Serial Number to the Main Component of the Assembled Item, the following error occurs;

    "One or more error occurred while closing the page. You cannot state Serial No. or Lot No on a demand when it’s linked to a supply by Binding = Order-to-Order"


    When using assembly-to-order, the control of assigning serial numbers is done from the assembly order. The reason is that on shipment of the sales order also the consumption + output is processed for the assembly order. As a result development made the deliberate decision that the control of item tracking ‘management’ should be done from the assembly order.

    It is not allowed assigning Item Tracking Lines to Sales Order Line for an Assemble-to-Order item, what you can do is to assign them from the Assembly Order Header.

    There are different ways you can get to the assembly order header directly from the sales order:
    1.1. Select the line; click Line -> Assemble-to-Order –> Assemble-to-Order Lines; then Show Document
    2.2. Select the line; click on the AssistEdit button into Qty. to Assemble to Order field; then Show Document
    3.3. Select the line; click Functions –> Order Tracking; then Show
    4.4. Select the line; click into Reserved Quantity field; click into Reserved From field; then Show Document
    5.5. Click Assembly Orders in the Home ribbon; select the assembly order and press Show Order

    Once you’re in the Assembly Order page you can find the Item Tracking Lines button in the NAVIGATE ribbon.
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    whizzergowhizzergo Member Posts: 22
    Spot on aseigle!

    I discovered this last night and was just coming on to write the same.

    Thanks very much for the solution.
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