Launching page from external applications - high performance

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Hi guys,

we would like to give our employees the opportunity to open a customer-NAV-Page via the CTI-Client.
I tried to open the page with a hyperlink including a bookmark. To my knowledge, if there is a modal page opened in the background it leads to the problem, that a new session is started when executing the command (DymanicsNAV://…/runpage), which takes a VERY long time to open!

Principally, this solution wouldn’t be bad, but I need to be sure that when our employee clicks onto the button in the CTI Client to open a customer, the contact information of the customer opens within the session that is already open.

My questions:
1st: Is there an alternative way to open a Card-Page with a better performance? (I’ve already tried with a web service - unfortunately without success)
2nd: Are there other reasons why executing a hyperlink-command opens a new session ?

Thanks for your support!

System: NAV2009R2

Kind regards,
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