Weird behaviour on Page vs. Form

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I am posting this issue, as I am out of ideas regarding some strange behaviour I see on a Page.

So, the problem is seen when I enter a new Sales Line.

When I enter Type=Item and then enter a Item No. the line remains blank and no item no. is seen in the "No." field. The line is simply not inserted. When I do exactly the same in the Classic client it behaves as expected and the line created with the Item No.

So, I thought it could be some customizations to P46 Sales Order Subform vs F46. I have then imported the standard versions of these objects. Restarted the NST just to be sure, but the problem remains.
I have checked T37 Sales Line for "IF ISSERVICETIER" code.

We have made some customizations to the Sales Price Mgmt CU7000. I have though found out that the problem only occurs in some cases if some specific conditions is fulfilled in the code. Still I would expect it to behave the same for the Page and the Form, as this code has nothing to do the either the form or the page.

I have added some debug messages to the code after returning from CU7000 in T37 (FindSalesPrice....) and added debug messages to the Page as well. I can see the SalesLine has values in Item No., but again after the code completes the line is blank and not inserted.

This problem is regarding NAV 2009 R2, build 33750, so debugging NAV2009 is a pain :thumbsdown:

Any ideas what I could look for or how I could go on searching for the error...?


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    faithierobertsonfaithierobertson Member Posts: 3
    Have you opened table 37 in object designer and filtered for the document type and number? Perhaps it's being added, but the link properties of your subpage to your card page is missing something, or perhaps no line no. is being assigned due to the code that's inserted? To make debugging in 2009 easier (sigh....I hate that version!), try inserting a simple Message statement that will return the key of the record (Doc Type, Doc No., Line No.) when a record is inserted at the bottom of your OnInsert trigger. Then you'll at least know if it's added. If it's added - it's your page. Oh - check the "AutoSplitKey" property of your subpage too. It should be "YES". There's just a lot of things that could cause this behavior.
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