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Hello everyone,

We just made the jump to NAV 2015 after having been on 3.7 to that point. We brought over all of the customization that was in the old system, which of course required quite a bit of work on Reports (among other things). Hopefully I can articulate clearly enough the issue we've come across.

Where we are having the issue is with the printing Purchase Order batches (as well as other batches). We set up the Header/Footers of the purchase order to use the GetData/SetData functionality, and at first it seemed to be working as expected. The header/footer info was matching up with the given body info, etc. But yesterday we discovered that whenever there was a purchase order that extended onto a second page, the Header/Footer info would move on to the next PO number, while the body was still displaying the remainder of the previous POs lines. And the header section remains ahead of the body section from that point forward in the batch. The end result being mismatched Header/Footer and bodies.

Also of note is that if you print a multi-page PO by itself, it works as it should.

I'm sure I'm missing a setting on the report that would keep the Header/Footer matched up with the body, but I can't find it to save my life.

Any advice?


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    Please confirm about below points -

    1. Are you using SetData and GetData as per Standard of NAV 2015?
    (In earlier version we used to have Red Text Box in header for GetData, which is no Longer Required).
    (In earlier version we used to put the Header Fields in Hidden TextBox/Table in Expression, which we put now in Visibility).

    2. Is your TextBox / Table that have header information is within a List in the Body or Not?

    3. What is the Grouping & page Break in the List if it exist?

    Do let me know the answers, i will try my best to help you out.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Saurav Dhyani

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    by the way, ...
    did you know, that you cannot delete a post, which you have erroneously posted?
    ..., I tried it, but ... no way.
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    posayach123posayach123 Member Posts: 1
    It's been a while since this was posted and i am now running into the same issue. How were you able to resolve this?
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    SetData and GetData works because the body section of the report is rendered before the Header/Footer.
    If you place your SetData in a Table in the body the part where your SetData is should be rendered on every page. Also you should have a look in Report 206. Look at the List element behind the table. And check the grouping.

    Check out this Report ...


    Try to delete the Page Break Option inside the Group. The last item from the dataset of the currentPage will be "Set" with the SetData Option.

    With kind regards
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