The type NavAutomation is unknown

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I have a problem in compiling in one specific Codeunit(let's mark it CU1). It works fine in NAV version 4 with windows server 2003 R2(32bit) and this CU1 was transferred(with 1 change) to NAV version 8 with windows server 2012 R2(64bit). Here after compiling I get error message -" The type NavAutomation is unknown".

In globals variables of CU1, there is a variable declared as ADO-codeunit, activex data objects.
This refers to another coodeunit(let's mark it CU2).
There are global variables of CU2.
Piece of Code of TableConnection function:
Highlighted line is the problem one. When I comment this line, everything is fine about compiling.

Can you help me, please?
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