Developer's Toolkit - is it in NAV 2015 ?

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I use the old Developer's Toolkit a lot, especially the "Where Used" function, as it is very useful. It isn't supported anymore, but I use the latest version available (v3.01 from the NAV 2009 DVD)

Recently I did some new NAV installations of NAV 2013 and NAV 2015. The NAV 2009 Developer Toolkit kind of still works, but one of the most useful features "File menu --> Update --> from NAV client" no longer works. I get the error "No Microsoft Dynamics Clients available or accessible", even when there is a NAV2009 client open.

My questions to NAV gurus are:

- In the NAV 2015 DVD, is there an equivalent tool which works similarly to the old Developer's Toolkit, i.e. that analyses code from a database and shows where one field has been used throughout the system?
- Any experience or ideas about how I can resolve the error so I can keep on using the NAV2009 version?

I know the NAV 2009 Developer's Toolkit ignores pages etc but it's better than nothing ...

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