Excel Buffer Functions (Table 370)

MarkKeenerMarkKeener Posts: 17Member
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Does anyone have a list of the functions that are available in the Excel Buffer table. I'm speaking of the functions associated with all of the Xl* globals. I'm specifically looking for a "Save As" function so that I can automate saving the file in a certain format.

Many thanks in advance!!


  • postsauravpostsaurav Posts: 708Member
    Hi MarkKeener,

    Are you looking for a function to save a excel file in NAV 2013 onwards. IF that is the case please refer here


    Let me know if you have any doubts.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Saurav Dhyani

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  • MarkKeenerMarkKeener Posts: 17Member
    Thank you for the reply! You took an interesting approach to saving the file by using the FileManagement codeunit.

    Specifically what I am wanting to do is save the Excel file in a specified location (which I could do using your functionality) but in a specified format - such as "Excel 2007" or "Excel 2010" instead of the default format.

    I'm trying to find out if anyone has a list of the embedded functions that are included in the Microsoft .NET globals that are included in the Excel Buffer table. In the older versions, you could create your own C/AL functions by attaching to the (well documented) libraries that were included in the table. Is that still possible?

    Again, MANY thanks!!
  • kamalRawatkamalRawat Posts: 2Member
    Hi Saurav

    I am using mention code in nav 2016 I face error could not find file on path

    " WshShell.Start('C:\WINDOWS\system32\FTP.EXE '+Argument+'>'+
    SourceRoot + 'log\' + 'log_export_'+NextEntryNo+ '.txt');
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