Apply Vendor Ledger Entries in Different Currencies

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Hi everybody,

I'm facing a problem with vendor application (the same with customer application) in different currencies.
For each invoice entry in a foreign currency, my customer update the exchange rate in the document without updating the Currency exchange table. For payments, as they received on local currency, they post the entry without putting a currency.

In fact, in the Vendor Ledger entries and for the same Vendor, i can have entries in local and foreign currency.

When I wants to apply the invoice (with Foreign currency) with the payment (local currency), NAV ignore the Exchange rate of the invoice and takes the default one from Exchange rate table which cause the generation of exchange losses/gains.
But when you take the two entries before the application, they've got the same LCY Amount!

I know that this is the way it works, but facing this problem, is there a local functionality tool or something else that can fix this way of application.



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    Hi Mehdi,

    yes this is "standard" behaviour. Sadly. It makes sense in some way, since the application date is the determining the exchange rates for this transaction (application). However, I have implemented a feature called "Apply with the original currency factor" some time ago. For G/L Open Items, though. And in 2009R2. The principle can be applied to the customers and vendor ledger entries, and the current NAV Versions, too.
    Core of the feature is that you mark the entries that you want to have handled this way (template flag in the customer/vendor or in the gen. jnl. batch, field in the gen. jnl. line, field in the ledger entries). In the application routine, you give this flag as additional parameter to ExchAmount(), and change the code accordingly.
    As you can see in the pictures, this is part of an AddOn (Plexada OpenItems). The AddOn does not solve your problem, though, you would need to implement it for the customers/vendors yourself. If you need help implementing this function or if you want it implemented, please drop me a private message.

    with best regards

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    will you give me that add on please
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