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When creating ASNs we are having issues with the correct Trading Partner (TP) being used. Our setup is such that we have one customer that has uses four different Trading Partners.

Customer 1
Ship-to Location 1 (relates to TP 1)
Ship-to Location 2 (relates to TP 2)
Ship-to Location 3 (related to TP 3)
Ship-to Location 4 (relates to TP 4)

The EDI Trading Partner field on the Customer 1 customer card is set to nothing to prevent NAV from always picking the same TP because we would like it to depend on the ship-to code.

From the customer card, when creating a new ship-to location, there is no field to designate EDI TP. The only thing on the ship-to location card is packing rule.

The sales order has the EDI Trading Partner field set to TP 2,
the EDI Sell-to field set to Customer 1,
the EDI Ship-to Code and Ship-for Code are set to Ship-to Location 2.

Within EDI Trading Partners the TP 2 has EDI Customer Cross Reference set to
EDI Sell to Code - Customer 1
Navision Sell To Code - Customer 1
EDI Ship To Code - Ship-to Location 2
Navision Ship To Code - Ship-to Location 2

We perform shipping through pack line scanning.
When the process of EDI - Send ASN from the BOL is run, the ASN is created from the TP 1 regardless of the ship-to code.

Does anyone know of a setting that I'm missing that controls the ability to compile an ASN based off the ship-to code?


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    pbarry76pbarry76 Member Posts: 5
    Nobody out there has had to deal with this type of setup? Any suggestions on alternatives?
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