Tab from subform to another object

KarenKaren Member Posts: 79
Is it possible to tab from a subform to a button?


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    HalMdyHalMdy Member Posts: 429
    Could you be more explicit, please ?
    What are you trying to do ? :)
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    KarenKaren Member Posts: 79
    I just want that people can go with their cursor from a subform on a form too the next object. In my case that object is a button.

    It's more user-friendly.
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    DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    It's not possible to control the tab key like that. Once you're in the subform you can't make it go back to the 'main' form. Teach your users to use Ctrl+arrow down, that'll do the trick. Try it... open a sales order, put your cursor in the lines and press Ctrl+arrow down. This should put you right on the first button below the lines subform.
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