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Hi everyone....

I implement a ClickOnce installation for NAV and the client computers are in different domains.
I used NavUserPassword authentication.

It seems ClickOnce configuration is successful and configuration files are shared using a Web site.
From a client machine when i try to deploy ClickOnce installation, RTC files are get copied to the client machine
but when try to connect to NAV Client it gives an error saying "The Service Principal Name (SPN) configuration has been set
incorrectly..... " (Please refer the attachment)

Here I have used Self-Signed certificate.

Does anyone guess the cause for this error? and is it mandatory use a valid certificate issued from a Certificate Authority to
address this scenario? (Server and Client computers are in different domains)


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    yasithyasith Member Posts: 30
    Hi every one,

    I figure out that issue is due to the self signed certificate. I obtained an authorized certificate and assign that certificate *.pfx file to the ClickOnce configuration process.
    Now installation is working successfully. It seems when you are doing cross-domain ClickOnce NAV RTC installation, you need to have a valid certificate from a valid authority.

    Cheers! :thumbsup:
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