Problems with NAV 2013 R2 Services

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We have a production environment, NAV 2013 R2 build 38455, with one service plus four instances of that service on the same server. The main service is where the users connect to NAV, then I have on instance for webservices, other instance for run NAS and the other two instances where we are running two stores of LS Retail add on.
We are having two problems:
1. Sometimes when the first user in the morning tries to connect to RTC get the error that the table user personalization is blocked by other user and it is only possible to connect with RTC after we open the table and save it. We already saw in SQL server that the user that is blocking is the user itself. We don’t have any idea why this is happening.
2. The other strange behavior is related with object changes, if I had a new field to a table or code somewhere else, I see it reflect on the development environment but on the RTC no. for example we had a field to a table save it but when we run a process that is using the new filed and we get the error of a unexpected SQL error, invalid column Name ‘new column’ statement could not be prepared. Other situation is add a new code to a codeunit, save it, but when run the codeunit the RTC ignores the new lines. If I make the debug I can see the code on the debug window but it will never run the new code, passes by it like it does not exist. I have to restart the services then make the changes and then all service instances can see the modifications, then for period of time all works fine but after some time it happens again.
Anyone already have experience this beahviours?
Thanks in advance,
Nuno Silva
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