Web proxy dll; handling System.Nullable

northyennorthyen Member Posts: 14
edited 2015-08-20 in NAV Three Tier

So, I've created a web proxy classs for consuming a web service in NAV, by using WSDL and then compiling it to a DLL. So that's works for most things, but for some reason there are certain properties that I cannot set, but is required by the webservice. In NAV it looks like this:

[System.Nullable`1 countryId :=] countryId(System.Nullable`1 value)

In the proxy class it looks like this:

private System.Nullable<int> countryIdField;
public System.Nullable<int> countryId {
get {
return this.countryIdField;
set {
this.countryIdField = value;

I know I must pass an integer to countryId, however I haven't been able to figure it out in NAV.

Any ideas on how?
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