Display column value differently

zamkinoszamkinos Member Posts: 4
hi, firstly i'm beginner and i could not find any other question.
i have a table box.
it's listing some values.
but i want to display a column different value.
e.g. if Entry No_ = "5" Entry No_ must be 9999.
is this possible?
if yes how?

Nav 5.0 Sp1.

best regards.


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    nav_developmentnav_development Member Posts: 21
    Yes you can do it for display diff value at form level.

    Just declare a variable and calculate your value on defined variable and assign that variable as source expression for form field.
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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,125
    On a Form you might also use the OnFormat trigger of the control. But beware, this trigger is no longer available on Pages (RTC).

    Both solutions, this one, and the variable based one, will have consequences concerning editing the field. Keep that in mind.
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    apertierraapertierra Member Posts: 61
    Just add a variable and modify the "onaftergetrecord/onaftergetcurrrecord" functions to populate the value. Instead of displaying the field, display the variable.
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