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What do you think about the contradiction between:
- Hardware came with other screen sizes: screens do not have the 4:3 aspect ratio anymore, but came with horizontally wide screens.
- Software (especially Dynamics NAV RTC) came with other screen sizes: they did not put the tabs horizontally, one next to each other, but vertically based fasttabs, and fields are put in two colums max, with very wide fields.
Result is: there is not much visible on the screens, especially input screens (order intake, item specifications, ...), master detail screens, ...
This contradiction leads to pages where end users do not feel comfortable width, in my opinion. Take e.g. the order entry page. Header is almost filled up with customer and order header fields, while there is very small part left for the order lines. Or take e.g. a master detail page for an item where (ok, customisation) some sub-tables are also shown on some fasttabs. There is no place available to show all these information. End users do have to click very often to get the information they need to take decisions, to plan, ..
And yes, there is a possibility to promote some fields to the fasttab itself, but even then, in my opinion, and also of my customers, it does not seem very practical.
The solution: why not providing pages where tabs can still be placed vertically (ok, without promoted fields, but that's the choice to make). Something for NAV 2020 ?


  • OlofOlof Member Posts: 27
    Late response, but I 100% agree. We are just moving to NAV 2017 (from 3.7...) and the space for Order Lines is hugely inadequate. My users are complaining bitterly...
  • KevinsanityKevinsanity Member Posts: 8
    That sounds like a good idea, however this is Navision and good ideas are not allowed
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