Navision Timer Automation

AngeloAngelo Member Posts: 180
Hello All,

I'm using Navision Timer automation in codeunit to trigger something periodically. Every time it trigger, there is few milliseconds show hourglass on mouse cursor when trigger Timer::Timer event.

if I use Form timer, there is no hourglass on mouse cursor when trigger Form - On Timer.

Is there a way to remove hourglass on mouse when use Navision Timer automation?


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    SteveKnottSteveKnott Member Posts: 47
    Have also notice this... The timer seems to show the hourglass while the event is firing.. and the length will depend on what you are doing in the trigger. There isn't much you can do about it in the client side - other than to keep the trigger as short as possible.

    Is there a reason you can't use the form timer though... There aren't a lot of cases for using a timer on a form ( perhaps 3 related tables subform examples ).

    If you requirement just needs a timed event - and doesn't need UI access - you should use NAS ( navision application server) and either JOBQUEUE - or a single instace codeunit - put the timer in there... ( check Codeunit 1 for NAS - to add a param to start your codeunit etc).
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    AngeloAngelo Member Posts: 180
    The reason is that if I use form, the timer interval can't be set dynamically. Let say I put 1000ms, if in future I need to change it to 2000ms, I need to modify the form property.

    If I use Navision Timer Automation inside codeunit, the time interval can be set dynamically (maybe add timer interval setup in setup form so that user can change how many ms they want) :D

    if this is the Navision Timer behavior, I dont have any choice and have to use Form timer :(:(
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