Item Charges based on Cubage

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Hi experts,

Our client requests to have another option in Suggest Item Charge Assignments as they would like to have another option based on Cubage rather than Amount and Equal. I believe this wouldn't be a problem to customise right?

Another request is that the PO for ‘Shipping Recharges’ (which will have costs for Freight, Haulage, Document Process Fees etc.) will be tagged to different Sales Shipments for different Customers. So far this is standard, but then they would like to issue automatic invoices for customers for the shipping charges based on the cubage space as per first point. Has anyone did this before and maybe had some issues with this please?

Thanks in Advance!!


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    To assign Item Charge based on cubage is doable. In the Item UOM page, there is a cubage field, which can be used when calculating cubage for the receipt, shipment, or any other document types.

    Just to make sure the cubage for all items are based on the same Unit of Measure. Or a validation logic is required.

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