NAV Web Service Basic Authentication versus NTLM Auth.

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We are integrating our new website (Demandware Platform) with NAV. Some of the integration is using xml files so I am set with that. But we do have a few live calls that the web site will make to NAV via web services.

Turns out that the Demandware platform does not allow ntlm authentication. They would like to use Basic Authentication. If I go with the default WebServicesUseNTLMAuthentication = false does that mean Basic Authentication? Our current website (totally different platform) uses WebServicesUseNTLMAuthentication = true which is NTLM only.

By the way we are using NAV 2009 R2 web services.


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    Robert_EllsworthRobert_Ellsworth Member Posts: 19
    I'm beginning to learn all of this myself and from what I've gathered, "WebServicesUseNTLMAuthentication = false" uses SPNEGO, while a TRUE uses NTLM Negotiations.

    Experts out there, correct me if I'm wrong. Please :)

    As long as the delegation is setup properly between the Web Service, and the SQL Server, you should be fine.
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    omyvadiyaomyvadiya Member Posts: 124
    hi Robert,
    Can you please provide me details of the above integration, i am also stuck at the same point.

    I am using nav 2016
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