NAV 2009 R2 connection to a machine via RS232

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I need to connect a cnc machine to NAV 2009 R2. The machine called OSAI will send characters over RS232 to a PC where a client of NAV is installed (RTC). I've read a lot but I'm not really sure because most of the things are from 2002 to 2007 so maybe it's outdated for NAV 2009.
So from the work flow it should be the following:

1. First the barcode of the product is scanned so NAV knows the corresponding parameters.
2. Now NAV send to the OSAI machine a character that signalize the OSAI machine that NAV is ready to send the information.
3. The OSAI machine send to NAV a character the that signalize NAV that the OSAi machine is ready to receive the information.
4. Then NAV send the information of 5 characters (4 for information and one for parity check).
5. The OSAI makes the parity check and send back a character depending on the result.
6. When the OSAI machine is finished it's process it should send 5 characters back to NAV.

On the OSAI machine there is a RS232 interface that I will connect to the PC.
How can I realize the communication?

Many thanks in advance!


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    denzdenz Member Posts: 3
    Did no one has an idea? :?
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