start from an other ERP, during an running Fiscal year

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Hi everybody,

I have to start a new Nav configuration, but I need to start from an running Fiscal year.
My client had a another ERP, but want to start in a middle of the Running Fiscal Year.

I don't know what I need to do, to ensure that all his current ledger entries , balance and other stuff Which could be involved in this situation.
I read how to start from a Closing Fiscal year,, but I don't find out any information on how to start with a running Fiscal year.

Any idea ?
Good link , or advise ?


I just have the financial part to start.
Nav is only use for that part.

NAV 2015


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    there is no standard way of doing that. I would start to get the latest audited balance as opening values for the current year. Afterwards the customer could suggest if he likes to post all the G/L entries belonging to this year again as journal entries. Or maybe he also wants to post this with vouchers like sales & purchase invoices or whatever occurred during the financial periods of this year. This is also a matter of sub-ledger types he uses (FA/WHS etc.) He could also post cumulative values if the other values are still available in the legacy system. Your customer should clarify this with his auditor.

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