Posted shipment with ressources

winderman66winderman66 Member Posts: 11
Hi guys,

When i look the lines of a "Posted Sales invoices" i can click on the "Item Shipment Lines" and then i see the "Posted Shipment" related to this "Posted Invoice.
If the lines type are "Resouces" i can't see it...

Do we have a way to link a "Resource Line" to a "Posted Shipment" ?


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    tinoruijstinoruijs Member Posts: 1,226
    There's no function like for items.
    On the Sales Invoice Line Shipment No. and Shipment Line No. is filled which links to the sales shipment line.

    Tino Ruijs
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialist
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    aseigleaseigle Member Posts: 207
    From what I can see, if there is both an Item and a Resource on the same Sales Invoice, you can view it by looking at the Item Shipment Lines.

    Looking into it further, in the Posted Sales Invoice Subform there is code as follows:

    IF NOT (Type IN [Type::Item,Type::"Charge (Item)"]) THEN

    I imagine you can figure it out from there.
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